Transparency at Telefrek

I was hesitant to write a post about our corporate values. You don’t want to read a lot of corporate navel-gazing about our mission statement and what we’re doing to tic those boxes. We certainly hope all these efforts will be communicated by our actions without us pushing it in your face. In short, the purpose of our corporate values is to ADD value, to employees, customers, partners and the community.

Transparency is one of the cornerstones here at Telefrek. I’m not talking RADICAL management philosophy, publishing employee salaries and performance evals, but sharing our best practices, worst mistakes, actionable learnings and open source code.

We launched our first project, LucentBid DSP, in response to the demand for transparency in the advertising world. Every advertiser I worked with wanted it, every vendor I bought from guarded it, and every agency in the middle disingenuously promised it (including the one I worked for). Our solution was built on the promise of transparency, and we put that promise right in the name – lucent, letting the light shine through.

We promise to openly share the information available to us with our customers. We seek partnerships that will do the same, so we have more to share. If something is working for our advertiser, we let them know. Yes, there is real risk that customers will cut us out and go direct with those sources that perform, but we’re confident our own results will keep them coming back.

We commit to sharing the tech under the hood. We know building a bidder is more time consuming than it is complex, and we don’t think anyone should be paying steep subscription fees to access or white label the basics.

We pledge to share any information we possess that can add value for the companies and individuals we interact with.  Next week our CTO will launch a new blog series diving deep into our process and open source code. I encourage you to follow us on Github, ask questions, give feedback, and let us know how we can help you.

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