Performance Campaigns

Managed buys on LucentBid DSP

Our dedicated media team brings the power of programmatic to your performance campaigns. LucentBid dynamically optimizes, intelligently targeting users that will deliver the highest value within your CPA. We work on:


CPI - we deliver quality installs to your app, and we won't shy away from your performance KPIs


CPE - set a conversion point when your user completes registration, a level, a search, or any in-app event that shows you they're here to stay.


CPA - whether in-app or on the web, pay us when they pay you: first purchase, first ride, trial subscription, or whatever action drives your revenue.


CPC - we're built for performance, so we optimize your CPC buys to your campaign goals


CPM - we offer pure branding and awareness campaigns with all the same targeting precision at media cost + 20%

All managed buys utilize our proprietary LucentBid DSP. Interested in a self-serve DSP? You can now self-host LucentBid infrastructure on-prem or with your chosen cloud provider. Bring your own algorithm and easily integrate with your supply, data and measurement partners. Get in touch to learn more!