2019 – What’s in store

Happy New Year from the Telefrek team! Last year was quite a ride that definitely had its ups and downs. We are looking forward to some big things in 2019, namely, our official product launch. For now, we take a look at some of the broader trends we expect in the industry this year.

Like every year, the digital advertising industry will continue to grow, and is in fact on track to exceed traditional media spend in 2019.

The duopoly will continue to dominate this year and both companies will see increased revenue, but will lose overall share. Faster growth will be enjoyed by Amazon and the greater programmatic ecosystem.

When it comes to app marketing, Google’s UAC took hold, driving growth that we expect will continue into the new year. Go ML!

According to AppsFlyer performance index, Google increased its share of non-organic app installs to 23%

Facebook, in particular, suffers as time spent in mature markets like the US has stagnated around 40 minutes a day.

Emarketer numbers show Facebook enjoyed 53% of users’ time spent on mobile, but is decreasing and forecasted to fall to 43% by 2020.

Programmatic accounted for more than half (53%) of digital spend last year. With the rise of header bidding as an alternative to the waterfall, programmatic is shedding its reputation as low-quality remnant traffic, especially in desktop and mobile web. In 2018, supply side partners have enabled unified auctions for apps, so in-app header bidding is poised to catch up to web this year.

Multi-touch attribution is another area where app install campaigns lag behind, as they have remained dependent on last-click models. Many ad tech players have argued for multi-touch attribution as a better barometer of the customer journey, and that method will gain popularity in 2019.

App marketers focus more heavily on incrementality, testing channels individually against control groups to understand what channels are making the biggest impact, and which are getting too much credit

Ad formats will continue to evolve to customer-centric, opt-in formats like playable ads, that improve CX and comply with privacy regulations.

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