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In the era of big data, informed decision-making can seem an insurmountable task. Scaling it doesn’t need to be a struggle – it needs a more efficient solution. At Telefrek, we develop innovative tech to take our customers to the top, cutting unnecessary effort and expense. 
Efficient media buying is one of the steepest challenges businesses face today. That’s why we developed LucentBid DSP, using deep learning to build a unique algorithm for each campaign and shed light on the advertiser’s real target audience. Implement your own self-hosted bidder, utilize our open-source components or partner with us for your performance campaigns.

Complete Bidder Solution

LucentBid DSP steps up to one of the steepest challenges businesses face today – reaching and converting the highest value users at the lowest cost. LucentBid leverages first- and third-party data to build a unique branch algorithm for each individual campaign.

Modular & Fully-Customizable

Build your bidder your way with our modular components, available free and open source for use in your self-hosted instance. Bring your own algorithm, easily integrate your partners, and keep 100% control of your data. 

At Telefrek, we believe in

Transparency: Users get full control of their data for the most complete visibility into campaign performance. Whether you use our managed service or run campaigns yourself, expect complete log level data.  

Efficiency: We develop modular components available as a package or individually so your team can implement only what features you need. Highly performant infrastructure lets you host your instance on-prem or with your chosen cloud provider for the fraction of the cost of existing white-label or bidder-as-a-service offerings.

Managed Campaigns

Managed media buys for your performance campaigns. Our dedicated account management and buying team helps you reach your CPI, CPE or CPA goals. Contact us to launch a risk-free test campaign.

Implementation Packages

Get a jump start on your custom bidder. Implementation packages range from complete setup of your DSP instance to consultation on integrations and even custom feature development. How can we help?

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We develop cutting-edge tech to take our customers to the top, cutting unnecessary effort and expense. We’re ad-tech innovators and performance-obsessed cloud architects seeking efficiency, relentlessly.  


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